Why is Renting better than leasing?

  • ALL vehicle maintenance is on us
  • Requirements designed for ANY person to purchase a vehicle

Car leasing just for you

For business travelers

If you will be in Costa Rica during a certain season on business, RENTING is your best choice to have a zero miles vehicle without worrying about maintenance, insurance coverage, road taxes, RTV, replacement car, among others.

If it does not apply for Leasing

If you need a vehicle but does not meet the requirements of a financial or operational leasing, RENTING is your solution.

If you have a credit card and an average income equal to or greater than $ 5,000, you can get a car within a couple of days.

No Trouble

RENTING covers all the costs for preventive and corrective maintenance, insurance, taxes and other requirements for Costa Rican driving, freeing you of burdensome and costly procedures.